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I can listen to the “I Think She Knows” interlude on repeat without a single fuck to give. That portion of “Lovestoned” is probably the single greatest piece of music by Justin Timberlake. It’s his opus and gives me life every time I hear it.

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    ^ The first people besides myself I’ve ever heard say this!
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    Yes. I just get so happy while listening to it.
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  6. thiscantbecorrect said: Should have been a stand-alone. I say that every time I hear it. I’m so mad at him for that shit hahaha.
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    Same here. When it gets to the humming… I can’t. I just love it. It’s transcendental.
  8. noirwallflower said: thissss…. I get the urge to hear it from time to time and then I just keep it on repeat. I really like John Mayer’s little cover of it too