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Have you accepted Juan Carlos Ortiz as your lord and Bae-vior?

Any person who says Amber screams while she sings or is too loud, has clearly never been to a black church or listened to gospel music.

Amber Riley just made me have a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment in my kitchen. That performance…this whole damn tribute…yes ma’am.

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    I agree. Glee was the platform, but I think at this point, it’s more of a hindrance than help. She’s gaining recognition...
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    It’s funny, because it is physically impossible for them to do so.
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    that they do. and it’s lazy and so problematic. as are most things that have to do with mercedes jones. i’ll be so glad...
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    Amber was TAME compared to Jennifer Holliday
  9. reroutedreams said: my heart is so full. and yes, with all the actual screamers that have performed tonight, all the ignorant haters need to move all the way to the left.
  10. ambelle said: It’s called having power behind your voice. Something their faves on Glee simply don’t have. She never strains to hit notes… she sings.