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Gettin’ Ridiculous

Dear Lord. This was a beast to write. This one-shot is a C-c-c-combo: using a song from The Weeknd, and Stripper!Sam. Now, smut is my bread and butter but stripping/stripteases make me uncomfortable. No idea why. I’m taking a small break from angst. Anywho, here it is. Be kind, rewind…and enjoy. Also the song featured is “The Party & The After Party”. Find it here. Cue that shit up.


I understand your body wants it
I know your thoughts
Oh you ‘bout it, ‘bout it
You’re a big girl and it’s your world
And Imma let you do it how you wanna


“Is there any reason why we’re sitting here reading about the damn Great Depression on a Friday night?”

Mercedes looked up from her laptop at the blond sitting next to her, currently shooting his history textbook a dirty look. Stifling a giggle, Mercedes turned her attention back to her online study guide. “We have a big history test on Monday, Sam” she said. “This is the last one before the final. And do I even have to remind you that we need this class to graduate?”

Sam wasn’t having any of it. He huffed loudly before snapping the textbook shut and pelting the offending object across the room.

Shock was evident in her chestnut eyes as she whipped her head around. “Sam! Boy, have you lost your mind?”

He lifted his shoulder in a shrug. “We’re seniors, baby. It’s a Friday night; we don’t have many more Friday nights left in high school. I really don’t want to spend my weekend looking through some dusty ass textbook when I could be out gettin’ ridiculous.”

Mercedes rolled her eyes, but closed her laptop anyway. “You’re already ridiculous.”

“You know what I mean, woman.” His sage-colored eyes glinted with a familiar look and Mercedes knew she was in trouble.

“No, Sam” she warned. She tried to move off the bed, but he was quicker. In one swift motion she was pinned underneath him. He beamed at her, dirty blond hair falling into his eyes. “You ain’t slick, Evans” she said.

Sam cocked an eyebrow at her. “No. But I bet you—-“

“If you make any kind of innuendo involving the supposed state of my vagina, I can guarantee you won’t see it at all tonight.” She knew she took the wind out of his sails, but was fun to see him all ruffled.

"But we’re so tense," he said, poking out his plump bottom lip in an adorable pout. "We should do something to unwind." His lips brushed against the smooth column of her neck and she fought the urge to giggle.

"Sam," she said, trying to wiggle out of his grasp but he only tightened his hold on her hips.

"Just like that baby but only with a little more moan to it." He sucked the tender flesh under her jawline and Mercedes shivered. Sam took that as his green light and his hands traveled down her lush curves to the waistband of the tight black leggings she wore. Before his fingers could dip in, however, she swatted his hand away.

Sam breathed heavily, his forehead resting against hers. “Lady, if you don’t stop cock-blocking me…”

Mercedes laughed then and he groaned at the sight of her ample chest jiggling in her fitted purple v-neck shirt. “Do you really want to do this?”

He thrust his hips gently into hers, letting her feel just how badly he wanted it. She bit back a whimper at the sensation of his growing bulge against her warm center. “Okay, well since you insist on preventing us from getting any work done tonight…”

"Baby, trust me Imma definitely do some work." He shot her a proud smirk and she rolled her eyes.

Anyway,” she continued. “We’re obviously not studying anymore. So we’ll do this. But on my terms.”

His green eyes were wide with excitement. “A game, Miss Jones? Oh I am so down for this.” Sam made to take off his grey t-shirt, but Mercedes stilled his hands.

"I said my terms, Sam." She smiled at him, and he suddenly grew apprehensive. His girl could be downright devious when she wanted, and he saw the wheels turning. Mercedes turned on the charm, a sweet smile on her face as she gently pecked his lips. "I want to see it."

Sam sat up on his knees, a confused look on his face. “Cedes, I love you and all… but you gotta be real specific.”

Mercedes chuckled, a low throaty sound that made his dick twitch. “You said you wanted to get ridiculous. So get ridiculous…White Chocolate.”

He stared at her for a brief moment before realization hit. “Mercedes Jones!” He clutched his chest as if scandalized which made the girl laugh even harder.

"Come on, Sammy" she said, her chestnut eyes wide and innocent. "Let me see what all those other thirsty ladies got to see. I want the Kentucky Fried Stripper treatment."

The boy grimaced at the moniker. “But…”

She slid out from underneath him, rolling off the bed. Walking to her desk chair, Mercedes sat down and crossed her legs. “No buts. I’ll even pick the music.”

Sam scrambled off the bed, watching as his girlfriend scrolled through her iPod before setting it back on the dock. Ever since Coach Sylvester’s ‘Kentucky Fried Stripper’ remark, Mercedes’ interest about his former occupation grew. She didn’t judge him at all, saying she understood that he did what he had to do for his family. Nevertheless, she was always intrigued.

She’d always hinted at wanting to see “what it do” with White Chocolate, but tonight was different. She was aggressive with it, practically calling his bluff. His lady was taking pot shots and he couldn’t let that stand. Putting on his game face, Sam tossed a heavy-lidded look her way. “Alright, Miss Jones” he said, his voice already an octave lower.

Study time was over, but she was gonna learn something tonight…courtesy of the White Chocolate twerk.

Mercedes pressed play on the iPod. The smooth opening notes of the song quickly gave way to a throbbing sensual beat. Sam was still for a minute, getting the feel of the beat before his hips started to thrust and roll. His green eyes never left her face; he watched her as she watched him, or rather she watched the slow gyration of his hips.

Sam smirked, his hands traveling to his belt. With every dip and slow wine he inched closer to her until his crotch was practically in her face.

Mercedes reached for his belt and he promptly slapped her little hand away. “No, Miss Jones” he said, his voice a smooth timbre that made her tingle all over. “There’s a strict ‘no touching’ policy.” His hips rolled once more, a nasty little figure eight move that made her bite down hard on her bottom lip.

There was lust in her eyes as his body continued to ride the beat with hard twerks and powerful thrusts and when he finally undid his belt and the zipper on his jeans, she was practically whimpering. Sam quickly removed his shirt, his hands trailing slowly down the hard lines of his muscular torso.

With a wicked smile, he turned. A slow roll of his hips and a bounce of his ass had his pants slipping further, exposing the waistband of his black boxer briefs. He repeated the movements: slow twerk, tight bounce until his jeans slid to the floor. Stepping out of his pants, Sam turned to his girl. The look on her face made him chuckle.

Mercedes was damn near ready to pounce on him. With renewed swagger Sam danced back over to her. He bent low, his hands on her knees and he spread her legs wide. He could smell just what his dance was doing to her, and it smelled like sweet victory.

Sam placed his hands on the back of the chair, dipping his body so that his lower half brushed against her while he leaned forward. “You like that, baby?” he cooed. His lips caressed her cheek before moving down to her throat. A low chuckle escaped when he heard her breath hitch. 

But what happened next completely caught her off guard. Mercedes squeaked when Sam lifted her up, his muscular arms wrapping under her knees. Her legs were splayed wide and she flung her arms around his neck to keep from falling. When his hardness brushed against the now soaking crotch of her leggings, she moaned.

"Sammy." Her hips danced against his waist, the delicious friction of her heat brushing against his dick had him breathing heavy and his grip on her thighs tightened. How he managed to concentrate on rolling his hips in time with hers while still holding them both up was a test of wills.

Sam sat in the chair, groaning as Mercedes hips danced, matching the torturous beat of the song. It was oddly sensuous, the way her hips moved with the bass.  A slow, sensuous grind that had him biting his lip and a drop of her ample hips that had him damn near begging for more. He matched her dance, their bodies moving in tandem and he could tell by her heavy breathing that she was close.

He gripped her hips, taking control of their little dance. “That’s right, baby. Use me,” he growled. “Use me to get yourself off.”

"Sam," she sobbed. Her hands pressed on his chest, nails digging into his skin and he hissed.

"You close, sweetheart? I know you are. I can feel that pussy throbbing. You want me inside you? You want me to fuck that sweet pussy?"

Mercedes’ movements grew wilder, excited by his dirty words. She could feel the warm sensation of her climax slowing building, tiny fissures of pleasure shooting all over her body with every brush of her clit against his hardness. “Yes, Sam” she cried. “I need you.”

Sam chuckled once more, a smirk on his full lips. “Well then I suggest you hurry up and come for me, Mercedes. That’s the only way you’ll get this dick.” His large hands palmed her ass, giving a sharp slap to each cheek. It was exciting, watching her ride him. He was damn near ready to bust in his boxers, but kept himself in check.

"Come on, baby. Almost there." He thrust hard, his dick hitting her clit through her leggings and he smiled at her strangled moan.

"There we go," he grunted, a hint of pride in his voice. "Right there. Let me hit that again." He repeated the motion, adding an extra hard roll at the end of his thrust.

That did it. “Oh fuck!” Mercedes cried, her legs quivering as she practically slammed into a trembling orgasm. Sam didn’t miss a beat, drawing her flush against him and roughly capturing her lips. He continued to pump his hips as she rode the waves of her climax, his kisses making her breathless as his tongue wrestled with hers.

Mercedes collapsed against him, her breathing still heavy.  Burying her face into his chest, she let out a shaky laugh. “I sincerely hope that wasn’t part of your routine.”

Sam grinned, his lips pressed into her hair. “Nah. That was the Mercedes Jones special. So, did you enjoy your show?”

She pressed her lips to his in a heated kiss. “I did. Thank you.”

His green eyes flashed with lust. Sam lifted her once more, carrying her to the bed where he gently laid her down. As he crawled between her legs, his devious grin was wide.

"That was just the warm-up, baby. I hope you weren’t plannin’ on studying tonight" his Southern drawl making her shiver. “‘Cause you’re gettin’ the full White Chocolate treatment."

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