young and cold
Ash; music snob; beer connoisseur; comic book geek; writer; part-time superhero; defender of truth and general fuckery.

Photo of you? I just love your blog, and I'm always curious about the people I find most interesting.

I’ve posted pictures of myself before, but I’ll do it again. Here I am:

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  1. iadoreitall said: In the words of Shawn from “Pysch”: Baby, all your facial parts are in the right spots ;) Gorgeous!
  2. newjaxxcity said: But like… look at your face tho… and you’re wearing a beanie… stop it. So pretty!!!
  3. skinnyset said: omg, girl, get in my bed.
  4. venustusthegreat said: How cute are you??
  5. dreac3 said: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. stronglikemusic said: You are too effing cute!! Your smile and the lip ring? Is that a lip ring? I’ve always had a thing for those…So, so pretty!
  7. seeyouintee said: omg you are gorgeous, ashley! whatever. not jealous whatsoever *sniff* *hairflip*
  8. 2112tryptophanbonfires said: Well hello there beautiful! I just want to say, you are unf! So…. can I have your number???
  9. effinbullseye said: your face! i love that shit!
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