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Have you accepted Juan Carlos Ortiz as your lord and Bae-vior?


Rob Sheffield shares the 10 best cassettes of 2013.

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Women of color in metal

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a fan of rock/metal. Being a woc, it’s extremely tiring not to see women in metal, let alone a woc. You don’t really see people of color too often, especially women in metal, so it’s refreshing and exciting to see women of color rocking out!

From top to bottom

Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch (Lead singer)

Ji-In Cho of Krypteria (Lead singer)

Alexia Rodriguez of Eyes set to kill (Lead singer, Lead guitarist)

Jada Pinkett Smith of Wicked wisdom (Lead singer)

Doris Yeh of Chthonic (Bassist)

Stephanie and Ariel Sanson of You only live once (Lead and backup singers)

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The Big Sea.


Amazing jazz playlist for your downloading pleasure.

  1. Herbie Hancock, Prelude in C Sharp Minor.
  2. Nat King Cole, An Affair to Remember.
  3. Miles Davis, Easy Living.
  4. Sarah Vaughan, April in Paris.
  5. Ella Fitzgerald, Isn’t It Romantic?
  6. Miles Davis, How Deep Is The Ocean.
  7. Nat King Cole, Tenderly.
  8. Billie Holiday, You Turn The Tables On Me.
  9. Lee Morgan, Since I Fell For You.
  10. Ray Charles, You Won’t Let Me Go.
  11. John Coltrane, Everytime We Say Goodbye.
  12. Dexter Gordon, Don’t Worry About Me.
  13. Aretha Franklin, Here Today & Gone Tomorrow.
  14. Sarah Vaughan, Glad To Be Unhappy.
  15. Miles Davis, Something I Dreamed Last Night.
  16. Ray Charles, Worried Mind.
  17. Billie Holiday, Say It Isn’t So.
  18. Thelonious Monk, Don’t Blame Me.
  19. Sarah Vaughan, Poor Butterfly.
  20. Dexter Gordon, I Should Care.
  21. Nina Simone, He Ain’t Coming Home No More.
  22. Herbie Hancock, Both Sides Now (Instrumental).
  23. Thelonious Monk, I Love You (Sweetest Of All My Dreams).
  24. Ella Fitzgerald, Blue Moon.
  25. Aretha Franklin, Only The Lonely.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?k26aamqbu904bq6

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Where You Should Be Skream Outside The Box

Skream // Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank)

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Paper Gangsta | Lady Gaga

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Beach House | “Myth”

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Amor Prohibido Selena Dreaming of You

Selena “Amor Prohibido”

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I don’t know why I love guitars (or really, all stringed instruments) so much. I just find them beautiful — both to the ears, and the eyes.

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Let It Out Girl Talk All Day

Girl Talk “Let it Out”

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