young and cold


Biggie vs Gotye? Can’t really go wrong with this winning combination… Our boy, Scott Melker kills it once again with this ridiculous “Popped and Screwed Remix”. It is freaking great. In Scott’s words:

Somebody That I Used To Know vs Dead Wrong - Biggie vs Gotye - Scott Melker Popped and Screwed Remix - Click to Download

Everyone has remixed Gotye. But nobody has done it like this. “Somebody That I Used To Know is a song about being pissed off at a woman.” Dead Wrong is similar, but far more aggressive. I think Gotye needs to be more aggressive. I went ahead and helped him out.
This is the second “Popped and Screwed” track in existence, and is a preview of an upcoming “Popped and Screwed” EP by myself and Friendly Greg. I took Gotye, sped him up to sound more womanly, dropped Biggie in, and added an extra Paul Wall beat for good measure. There are also some self-produced elements.
So there it is. Enjoy.

It’s still so good. I can’t.